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3D Butterfly is a simple and not very attractive screensaver that displays butterflies of different colors and one dragonfly flying across the screen. The animated screensaver shows a green garden or a field with lots of flowers. From time to time, a reptile appears. It looks like an iguana crossing the screen and trying to eat one of the butterflies. The scene is nice, but the graphics are not very detailed and there are no sounds or music, which makes this app really boring and unreal. It also offers no customization options, since the settings menu only displays an ad of the website. It also crashed several times in the two operating systems I tried it on (Windows XP and 7), also messing with my background image. It would be great if it at least included sounds, to make it a bit more enjoyable and relaxing, and if you could select the number of butterflies you wish to see or something of the sort.
All in all, I really wouldn't recommend installing 3D Butterfly because it isn't very attractive and it is boring and monotonous, and besides, there are hundreds of free screensavers with butterflies that are much better than this one.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Nice theme


  • Unattractive graphics
  • No sounds not music
  • No customization options
  • Boring
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